As the exclusive operator and distributor of ChargePoint technology and hardware for Australia and New Zealand, Visionstream were proud for ChargePoint to be a key sponsor and exhibitor at this exciting Conference. ChargePoint operates the world’s largest and most open electric vehicle (EV) charging network, with their New Zealand footprint set to grow quickly, as the uptake of EV driving and EV fleets continue to increase.

Richard Kelleway, CEO Visionstream, along with the ChargePoint team, attended the successful two-day event in Auckland, New Zealand, with approximately 50 fellow exhibitors. The team met with industry peers and discussed the future of Electric Vehicle Charging technology and hardware with over 200 professional delegates on the first day and around 2000 public delegates on the second day of the conference.  ChargePoint presented its CP4300 Type 2 cable attached AC station, for businesses, multi-family residences and fleet charging solutions.

As a national event bringing together New Zealand’s entire EV industry, EV World aimed to propel the private and public community into the ‘EV future’ and turn conversations into action. With a robust program of EV industry representatives, adjacent industry representatives and EV technology supporters and investors; delegates heard from fleet managers, government agencies, vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, technology providers and energy companies in a series of seminars and workshops.

On the first day of the conference, business owners, fleet managers and decision makers in businesses were encouraged to discover more about EV technology and to experience and evaluate EVs for their own organisations. During the second day, the general public and green-transport enthusiasts were dazzled by the latest EV models, technology and related products. The event was a prime opportunity for ChargePoint to share the latest in EV Charging technology and innovation.

The team were overwhelmed with New Zealand’s passion for green technology and their keenness to adopt EVs on a broad scale. We look forward to watching the New Zealand EV market expand and being an integral part of this industry growth over the coming years.

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