So when you’re designing and constructing a telecommunications tower for one of Australia’s largest active coal mines you need to keep one eye on the future, whilst also delivering for the now.

Recently, our team handed over a new telecommunications tower at a mine site in the Hunter region of NSW, which will support the site’s current communications needs, whilst also enabling it for the future. 

The Visionstream team were tasked with designing a tower that would improve safety and productivity. The design enables maintenance to be conducted with minimal risk and will also support rapid change of technology and future LTE requirements of the site. LTE is a standard for wireless broadband communication for mobile devices and data terminals that increases capacity and speed.

The construction was built atop a peak, which provided the team with some challenges in terms of getting the equipment to site, as well as the amount of space they had to work with.

The result was a 25m steel rectangular four-column tower with internal access and 10 platform levels.

Visionstream Resources Operations Manager Phil Shaw said that the team had done an outstanding job meeting the design challenge and most importantly delivering the tower safely.

“The location, atop the mountain, and the limited space we had to work in was a challenge from a planning and safety perspective and the fact we were able to meet this challenge made the handover all the more rewarding,” he said.

“From the project managers to the safety advisers, everyone did their job to enable a successful outcome for our client.

“This tower, with its internal ladders and platforms, will also be a template for future towers, that enable maintenance to be carried out in a much safer and more efficient manner.”