Recently, we were delighted to hear from a very happy customer who wanted to acknowledge the exceptional effort and service they received from one of our New Zealand techs, Rahul Kumar who works on the Chorus UFB project.

According to the customer, who had an issue with a cut fibre, Rahul and his teammate spent five hours in very hard ground working on what turned out to be a more complicated issue than initially suspected.

Not only was the customer impressed with Rahul’s commitment to doing whatever was needed to fix the problem, but importantly they were kept well informed on options throughout the job.

“Ensuring the customer understands what is happening during the installation is essential,” said Rahul.

“We always involve the customer in the scoping of their fibre installation to achieve a mutual understanding of the process. This is important to us so that the customer is comfortable providing their input,” he said.

Receiving input from the customer throughout the installation means our techs can provide solutions tailored to specific requirements, which ensures everything goes smoothly and the customer’s experience from beginning to end is highly satisfactory.

“After the installation is completed, the satisfaction of the customer is our greatest reward, making us feel proud of our efforts to ensure our customers have had an excellent experience with our team from Visionstream and Chorus, and a great start to their fibre experience,” said Rahul.

Well done, Rahul. We’re so proud of you and all our techs working every day to enhance our customers’ experience