Down-time and inefficiencies cannot be tolerated when managing critical communications networks. This is where Visionstream’s Network Operations Centre (NOC) steps in.

Our NOC is a state-of-the-art facility that operates around the clock, managing some of Australia’s largest live communications networks.

Staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, our team of specialist technicians ensure critical operations run smoothly, and when problems do arise, they are identified early and fixed efficiently.

From our base in Heatherton, Victoria, we simultaneously manage multiple projects across Australia for clients such as Telstra, The Victorian Government (Emergency Alerting System), VicRoads, and Yarra Valley Water, to name a few.

Our dedicated facility has the capacity and capability to ensure critical continuity of service and provide exceptional resilience and support around the clock, particularly in emergency situations.

An average day in the NOC

Every day, our technicians use their skills in asset and infrastructure management, customer service, order and performance management, work allocation and scheduling to monitor and troubleshoot a multitude of critical devices in real time, including:

  • Power systems
  • Servers and virtual infrastructure
  • Networking equipment
  • Environmental sensors.

In addition to network monitoring and communication management, an average day in the NOC can include organising and managing restoration of services when and where required, end-to-end work order to fix fibre faults, remote technical fault investigation and rectification, remote configuration and setup for new and existing network elements, end user technical assistance, live GPS tracking of field technician vehicles, and providing major incident management during mass disruption events.

 Our processes give our clients direct line of sight and transparency into how their assets are performing and the progress of work. Importantly, we constantly analyse network performance to identify fault trends and opportunities for improvement, allowing for proactive actions to be taken.

 A focus on safety

The safety of our workers and subcontractors is our primary concern. We can view the current status of each job, vehicle movements, national weather maps and emergency services warnings at a glance. These monitoring systems mean that worker risks are identified in real-time and managed on-the-spot.