Visionstream provides whole of life rail fibre solutions

Visionstream installed 290km of dual 72 core underground optic fibre cables from Port Hedland to FMG’s Christmas Creek Mine.
Visionstream developed the fibre design and drawings and supplied all materials including optic fibre cable, fibre joints, FOBOT pipes and pits. Installation of the optic fibre cables was by direct burial, trenching, directional drilling, and rock breaking as appropriate. Reinstate the route to the environmental and
heritage requirements. Visionstream provided end to end jointing, termination, and testing of the fibres along the route Visionstream provided complete
post-commissioning documentation including a Manufacturer’s Data Report and Site Folders, GIS information accordingly.

Visionstream was also engaged to provide a design for a full Fibre data transfer via a 10 Gig DWDM system, designed with capacity for future growth. This system is yet to be installed, though the design has been completed for FMG’s network from Port to Mine.

Delivering value for customers 

The project provided FMG with a robust redundant link line network that supports the operation of their largest iron ore mine in Western Australia. The project was delivered in an environment that has countless challenges a that has countless challenges, with that in
mind, this network has been built in a way that allows for easy future expansion for Fortescue.
The project was delivered ahead of schedule with high client satisfaction, who noted “Visionstream are the only contractor that have delivered their complete scope on schedule.”


  • Install of 290km of dual 72 core SMOF underground optic fibre cables, Rail Project
  • Provided thorough documentation post install including Manufacturer’s Data Report and Site Folders, GIS information
  • Robust link that supports the rail and mine operations of FMG’s Chichester Hub