Driving roadways for the future

As urbanisation and traffic volumes increase, road network operators must now carry out major infrastructure upgrades to ensure that drivers continue to have a safe, fast and more reliable journey.

Visionstream works with public and private sector operators, such as Transport NSW, to provide innovative and sustainable transport solutions that address the key issues facing operators including accessibility, efficiency, reliability, safety, equity and security.

O&M services for 3 million passengers

The Liverpool-Parramatta Transitway (LPT) requires reliable and responsive Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services for its Intelligent Transport System (ITS) and communication network to support public transport services for more than three million passengers a year.

As the O&M contractor, Visionstream gave surety to the LPT owners, operators and users that the ITS would provide them with accurate, real-time information to manage services, and for passengers to plan their journeys.

The LPT provides a managed dedicated roadway for bus transit through western Sydney from Liverpool to Parramatta. The LPT consists of 39 stations along the route where passengers have access to real-time travel information including ‘next bus’ times and travel times along the corridor. The ITS network is designed to be fully redundant. Each northbound and southbound platforms have a master and slave switch setup in the case of failure, as well as a ring architecture designed to flow traffic in the opposite direction around a failure.

The stations have a number of Public Information Displays (PIDs) that provide all the bus timing and travel information. The system includes monitoring CCTV cameras and remote help phones for emergency use by passengers.

Visionstream provided O&M services under a work order contract. A monthly on-call retainer was paid, and any works were based on a schedule of rates, and agreed by the customer through a Request for Order process.

The ITS and communication network for the LPT features:

  • passenger Information Displays (PIDs) showing real-time travel information for bus arrival and departure timings
  • detector loops for bus priority signalling via SCATS, including loop cutting and install, cable termination, connections to controllers, detection testing and communications back to SCATS
  • CCTV for security monitoring of bus station platforms and surrounding areas
  • help Phones for emergency assistance for passengers at every station platform
  • visual Impaired Devices to provide accessibility for visually impaired passengers
  • digital Voice Announcement equipment for arrival and departure information announcements on bus platforms.

A partnership that delivers results

Visionstream partners with you to deliver real measurable value while ensuring driver and employee safety and minimising impacts on local communities and the environment.

The breadth of our services and our ability to scale across Australia and New Zealand means we can provide any organisation with a complete turn-key approach, reducing risk and whole-of-life project costs.

Our end-to-end project commitment to you is backed by industry leading project performance, robust project management, in-house technical capabilities and 24/7 real-time support. We also work seamlessly with our extensive sub-contractor network and a wide range of technology vendors and carriers to provide the best solution for you.  


  • On-call O&M services to ensure accurate, real-time services for three million passengers annually, as well as the owner and operator.

Business benefits

  • Identified network component failures (aged equipment) and managed life-cycle network upgrade.
  • Adjusted network design to alleviate integration problems following another vendor’s network upgrade.
  • Increased reliability of information delivered to the public.