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Each day, millions of Australians use roads, freeways and tunnels across the country.

Visionstream works with public and private sector operators to provide innovative and sustainable transport solutions that address key issues such as accessibility, efficiency, reliability, safety, equity and security of road corridors. 

Driving network performance

VicRoads has appointed Visionstream to work with hardware provider, Transmax, to upgrade and maintain a new digital platform to replace the analogue CCTV network on Melbourne’s M1 and M80 Freeways.

The project was designed to improve the performance, reliability and resilience of the network to provide quality data to VicRoads Traffic Management Centre and other agencies.

The upgraded digitised CCTV network is an important tool to monitor the road network and manage issues to benefit the travelling public.

Visionstream worked with the hardware provider Transmax to design, implement, configure and integrate the new digital network to achieve VicRoads’ outcomes.

It involved the migration of approximately 135 analogue cameras onto a digital platform allowing connections back to monitoring centres.

The cameras are located throughout Melbourne as well as on existing sections on freeways on the north and west of the city.

Works to integrate and digitise the CCTV network included:

  • configuration of decoders and encoders within the City Switch Room, Western Ring Road Hut and Melrose huts
  • installation of power systems and cabling for encoders and decoders into communications huts
  • provision of multiplexing hardware to multiplex camera streams
  • the project included an extensive QA acceptance testing process post installation and configuration, as well as SIT (System Integration Testing) and POP (Proof of Performance) testing.

Visionstream provide full O&M servicing including monitoring of devices 24/7 via a network monitoring system to provide the highest availability of cameras to VicRoads and its partners. 

Customer Profile

Customer CCTV Digitisation Project: VicRoads
Time Scale June 2013 – Dec 2016
Location M1 & M80 Freeways, Melbourne

Transport Infrastructure

Solution Live Communication Digitisation
Services Design, Configure, Integrate, Maintain
Approximate Value


A valued partner

With more than two decades of industry experience, Visionstream has designed and completed many of the country’s largest communications networks across a wide range of fixed and wireless technologies.

Our end-to-end project commitment to you is backed by industry leading project performance, robust project management, in-house technical capabilities and 24/7 real-time support. We also work seamlessly with our extensive sub-contractor network and a wide range of technology vendors and carriers to provide the best solution for you. 


  • Working together to deliver improved performance, reliability and resilience with an upgraded digital CCTV system.

Business benefits

  • Expanded digitisation of cameras on arterial roads to eliminate analogue CCTV systems.
  • Enabled connectivity to external stakeholders’ legacy networks resulting in visibility of a greater number of VicRoads cameras.

The breadth of our services and our ability to scale across Australia and New Zealand means we can provide any organisation a complete turn-key approach, reducing risk and whole-of-life project costs.