Sustainable transport outcomes

With urbanisation on the rise and traffic volumes ever increasing, federal and state governments cannot build new infrastructure quickly enough to cope with demand. Road networks must now carry out major infrastructure upgrades to ensure that drivers continue to have a safe, fast and more reliable journey.

Visionstream delivers cutting edge design, construction and operation of critical communication networks supported by intelligent transport systems (ITS) on road networks across the country.

Improved security outcomes

VicRoads required the West Gate Bridge (WGB) security camera system to be upgraded and integrated into their existing Intelligent Transport System (ITS) system, and monitored through their Traffic Monitoring Centre (TMC).

Visionstream worked with the West Gate Bridge Security Alliance to design and integrate 18 security cameras into the ITS, including all necessary hardware and software, as part of delivering an Enhanced Security System.

The images from these cameras are shared between the new Security Monitoring System at the bridge and TMC operations staff at Kew.

Visionstream ensured the new software provides image analysis using complex algorithms to automatically generate and transmit alarms signals for events such as:

  • stationary vehicles
  • vehicles travelling contra-flow
  • a person out of vehicle.

The cameras were integrated into the existing M1 Freeway Management System ITS network at several access points located along the length of the bridge and at the Cook Street IMT hut. Network firewalls were also installed at the TMC to isolate the Security network.

Visionstream provided flexibility in the installation timetable to meet unplanned client requests and reporting requirements.

VicRoads subsequently appointed Visionstream to provide ongoing Operations & Maintenance (O&M) services to the new ITS through to the end of 2016.

A partnership that delivers results

With more than two decades of industry experience, Visionstream has designed and completed many of the country’s largest communications networks across a wide range of fixed and wireless technologies.

Our end-to-end project commitment to you is backed by industry leading project performance, robust project management, in-house technical capabilities and 24/7 real-time support. We also work seamlessly with our extensive sub-contractor network and a wide range of technology vendors and carriers to provide the best solution for you. 


  • New software automatically analyses digital video images to identify and warn of traffic issues on the bridge. 

Business benefits

  • Enhanced security of a state-listed critical asset.
  • Controlled visibility of security cameras back to VicRoads TMC.