Australia and New Zealand requires modern and reliable communications capability enabling successful conduct and support of defence operations.

Visionstream understands the challenges faced to ensure the secure, reliable and seamless sharing of sensitive information, often in remote locations and across vast distances.

Our established sovereign capability and proven experience means we can enable the successful development, integration and sustainment of critical network and infrastructure solutions over the system life-cycle.

Visionstream partners with industry to successfully deliver end-to-end solutions across a range of ICT environments; these include both fixed and wireless communications, data centre & network operations as well as ground station infrastructure in support of satcom, geospatial and situational awareness capabilities.

VS004081 Network Infrastructure Diagram Update D3



We have successfully delivered a range of major network communications and infrastructure projects critical for Government and private sector customer’s operations. Projects include:

• Build, test and commissioning of critical defence fibre communications infrastructure integrating multiple remote facilities over vast distances.

• Upgrade and expansion of ICT network communications at remote critical ground station sites.

• Design, construct and maintenance of autonomous haulage systems at remote sites.

• Design and installation of analogue to digital upgrade for remote national radio network, which included power systems, microwave links and transport layer and installation of mission critical equipment.

• Build and connection of national broadband fibre network supporting government and private sector infrastructure and customers.

• Construction of communications networks and systems in support of air traffic control towers and critical systems.

• Installation of communications network enabling integration, connectivity and sharing of sensitive information across multiple critical operational facilities.

• As part of the support system, we maintain high availability through our Network Operations Centre.

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