At Visionstream, we work with you to provide a seamless approach to the management of land access, environmental and pre and post indigenous cultural heritage impacts, no matter the size of your project.

Our specialist teams prepare and adhere to detailed environmental impact assessment and management plans, and conduct community consultations to ensure a thorough and transparent process for stakeholders. They have consulted with close to 250 Traditional Owner Groups (TOGs) across Australia, building upon established relationships with a range of native title representative bodies and respective State Government agencies.

We can support your project across:

  • inter-carrier and other regulatory arrangements relevant to deploying networks – including Facilities Access Agreements
  • community investment and relations
  • European heritage management
  • environmental assessments
  • heritage determinations and evaluations by State and Commonwealth approval authorities
  • native title assessments and negotiations including Memorandum Of Understanding and Cultural Heritage Management Plan agreements as well as Indigenous Land Use Agreements with traditional owners, claimants and authorities
  • building and or site access leases and licences
  • site identification and acquisition
  • project coordination of environment, heritage and property acquisition
  • managing authority and land owner objections including compensation and restoration agreements
  • council/shire Development Application approvals for tower installations and deployment in areas of significance.

Visionstream has provided access network support for well over 3,000 sites throughout Australasia, which includes site surveys, design, construction and commissioning. Where common infrastructure shortfalls exist, Visionstream services include power upgrades, superstructure, environmental, fire systems (includes VESDA), MDF compressions, asbestos removal and recovery works.